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Dongfang Board Administration Team:

On July 17, 2010, Dongfang board meeting has made the following announcement:

The board:

Chairman: Jingjing Bao

Honorary Chairmen: Chen Jie

Secretary: Younker Chyu

Treasurer: John Wehrenberg

Director: Nancy Xie

Director: John Thurston

Director: Xiaosi Yang

Director: Jean Johnson

The school administration team:
Principal: Xia Zhao
Director of Administration: Dongjun Ren
Director of Business: John Wehrenberg
Diredtor of IT Support: Xia Zhao

The board is the top policy maker for Dongfang Chinese School. The school
administration team is in charge of school operation. These two levels of leadership will
carry on Dongfang’s mission and help its growth. The following is the brief introduction
for the board members and administration team.

Advisor for Adult Chinese Education:

Huang, I-Shu

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